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Our Story 

Three U.S. Army veterans co-founded Stop  Soldier Suicide in 2010 amid the worst suicide  crisis our military has ever seen. For Brian  Kinsella, Nick Black and Craig Gridelli, military  suicide isn’t just a problem. It’s personal. 

The problem is clear: the systems in place aren’t  working. Getting help isn’t as easy as it should  be, especially when you’re in crisis. 


Our Vision 

Reduce military suicide to civilian parity by 2030,  saving 2,400 lives per year. 

Who We Serve 

We serve all service members, veterans  

and military families from every branch and  generation, regardless of discharge status. 

How We Help 

We have a proactive approach, focused on providing  personalized care and continued case management.  We use best-in-class data to find individuals where  they are and serve their unique needs. 


We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  Whether it’s mental health support, housing  assistance, or any other service, we work to find the  most valuable and effective tools for struggling service  members, veterans and their families. 


Profits from the Bulldough gear inspired by Stop Soldier Suicide will be directed to the organization in support of its mission.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Bulldough team as a partner charity / foundation or cause, please contact us at

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